Health and safety at work for employers

All employers in Croatia who employ at least one person are required to organize and conduct safety at work. This consists of a number of activities needed to achieve safe working conditions and protect the health of all employees.
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About the process

The process of performing our services often begins with our experts coming to you. This is done, of course, at a previously arranged date and time, so we could do all the necessary activities and collect the information needed for creating your documentation. You can prepare some of the information before we arrive, which we will previously inform you about via a telephone or e-mail, and which will definitely speed up the entire process.

The process is continued at our office by analysing and creating the needed documentation. Once this is complete, we will provide you with a neatly arranged folder containing all the documents and instructions on how to deal with potential safety issues.

Price list

One of the most frequent questions we receive is the price of our services. Specific unit prices can of course be defined, while the complete price depends on several different factors: the nature of your business, working arrangement, how big and equipped is the space you work in (for example, does it have a certain installation or system), the number of your employees etc.

If you wish to receive a concrete offer based on specific needs, please contact us. Our expert personnel will ask your several questions and based on the answers we will be able to make you a personalised offer.

Services in relation to the obligations of the employer, mandatory documentation and workplace activities

Authoring risk assessment

Preparation of staff training courses (programmes) document

Providing health and safety training for employees on:

Safe working conditions

Fire safety

Storage and use of flammable liquids and gases

Employer’s Health and Safety (H&S) representatives

Employee’s Health and Safety (H&S) representatives (“commissioners”)

Conducting emergency evacuations

First aid at work (organization)

Authoring of method statements to ensure a safe environment

Development of emergency evacuation and rescue plan (textual part)

Professional assistance in drafting internal directives:

Health and safety at work regulations

Fire safety regulations

Screening and testing for drugs and alcohol at work

Conducting evacuation and rescue exercises

Ugovorno obavljanje poslova zaštite na radu (uz mogućnost C-Cloud platforme)

Services in relation to business premises, if used to conduct business activities

Development of evacuation and rescue plan (graphic part)

Marking the area with evacuation route and other required signage

Testing of electrical installations

Testing workplace environmental factors

*Other tests and/or types of services (depending on the equipment used at your business premises) can be found in the section "Technical tests and maintenance"

Other services

Health and safety coordinator I services (in the design phase: Development of a project execution plan)

Health and safety coordinator II services (in the execution phase: Supervision on construction sites)

Conducting a thorough analysis of workplace health and safety

Creating a study on safety signage at the workplace

Conducting alcohol testing in the workplace

Sale of fire extinguishers

Sale of first aid kits (with required contents)

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