Technical testing and maintenance

All employers, as well as owners and users of structures and its parts, are obligated to periodically have installation, system and equipment testing and regularly maintain them. Testing is done in order to see if these match the mandatory safety requirements, and regular maintenance ensures their complete functionality.

Why choose us? Alongside acceptable deadlines and affordable prices, we do all kinds of testing related to safety at work and fire safety, regardless of your location in Croatia. We also have vast experience in fire systems maintenance, which means we are able to offer you a complete service. Furthermore, we will gladly take care of deadlines instead of you, so that all of the activities related to technical tests and maintenance inside your business space will be done on time.

About the process

The process of technical testing and maintenance is quite simple. Once we agree on our services, we go out in the field and do all the necessary check-ups, measurements and other activities. Once this is done, we swiftly put together and issue formal records. In case we need to access some of your documentation (for example, project documentation), we will previously inform you.

Price list

You often ask as about the cost of certain tests and maintenances, as well as the complete price if you need different services. For the largest part of testing, the prices are formed according to the number of locations where tests need to be done (“testing locations”). For certain tests the quantity of test objects is also important, while the cost of maintenance depends on the type and size of your fire system.

If you wish to receive a concrete price evaluation combining specific services required, please contact us. Our expert personnel will ask you a few questions based on which we will be able to set up a personalised offer.

Workplace safety

Testing of electrical installations

Testing of electrical distribution cabinets

Testing of emergency lighting systems

Testing of electrical emergency shut down systems

Analysis of physical factors in the work environment (microclimate, noise, lighting)

Analysis of chemical factors in the work environment (gases, vapours, dust) - organisation

Inspection of work equipment (machines, devices etc.)

Ventilation efficiency testing

Gas installation leakage test (organisation)

Fire safety

Testing of fire alarm systems ("fire alarm")

Testing of flammable gas detectors ("gas alarm")

Hydrant testing (internal and external)

Sprinkler system testing

Testing of gas fire extinguishing systems (CO₂, FM-200, Novec1230)

Testing of kitchen fire suppression systems

Fire damper testing

Fire door testing

Testing of smoke and heat extraction systems (domes, grilles, fans, windows)

Testing of fire door release buttons

Testing of lightning protection systems ("lightning rods")

Potentially explosive atmospheres (Ex)

Static electricity testing

Measuring short-circuit loop impedance

Equipotential bonding and continuity of protective conductors

Insulation resistance measurement

Grounding resistance measurement

Maintenance of fire protection systems/regular services and emergency repairs

Fire alarm system maintenance

Smoke and heat extraction system maintenance (domes, grilles, fans, windows)

Flammable gas detectors maintenance

Sprinkler system maintenance

Gas fire extinguishing system (CO₂, FM-200, Novec1230) maintenance

Kitchen fire suppression systems maintenance

Do you see yourselves in any of these situations?