We aren’t sure if the documentation we possess is good enough and complete, or if it is still valid. What should we do?

Which documents should we possess and why?

As an employer you are obligated by the Health and Safety at Work Act to perform certain workspace activities, as well as to possess required documentation which will act as proof that you have fulfilled your obligations related to health and safety at work.

The list of required documents will depend on the type of activities you perform, workspace conditions, the number of your employees and the purpose / equipment of your workspace, if it is used for work practices.

What is the most important thing about my documentation?

Documentation should always be complete and up to date, regardless of your business branch and other specific aspects of your business. This means that your documentation should, at any given moment, reflect the current state of your workspace.

Likewise, certain documents are valid for a specific period of time because they act as proof on conducted periodical activities. Therefore, they should be replaced with new ones before they expire.

What are some of the frequent documentation-related problems?

Chosen outside partners which offer health and safety at work services (“authorized companies”), as well as employed experts, often lack competences and perform their duties with poor quality.

The end result is, among other, incomplete documentation lacking quality which doesn’t fulfil its purpose, and which can cause later problems with health and safety at work inspectors.

Who is responsible for oversights determined by inspectors, if the documentation was created by professionals in charge of health and safety at work?

Health and Safety at Work Act lists the employer as the one responsible for organizing and performing health and safety at work. This means that you are the responsible party, even if you hired a professional who underperformed and delivered incomplete documentation.

We want to be in complete coordination with Health and Safety at Work Act, what should we do?

If there are any doubts concerning the existing documentation or performed activities regarding health and safety at work, you should contact us, seeing as we are specialized in “fixing things” with our clients.

After we have analysed your existing documentation, we will inform you in detail about all the (eventual) activities you should perform in order to be completely aligned with the regulations.